Year 4. Session 7. Week 3 Spark Update

The Spark learners were busy this week continuing their exploration of geography and culture with a quick trip to Asia! They were supported in this by reading books and watching a video about famous landmarks throughout the continent. On Thursday, they finished their 6-week journey of creating Marine Dioramas to showcase at an exhibition for the Discovery studio. They were asked questions about the process, challenges faced, and had an opportunity to host the Discovery learners in their space for the first time- hopefully a new Spark tradition!

For our Grace and Courtesy practice this week, we had conversations about treating materials both indoors and outdoors with respect. The guides have been asking questions that bring attention to why we want to treat our materials this way, and wondering how we can do so.

We finished up this week with a sweet watermelon treat to continue supporting the Sparks in staying hydrated in this heat, and we can’t forget our weekly Friday Dance Party!       

Have a great weekend!