Year 4. Session 7. Week 2.

Week 2 of session 7 was full of creativity as learners in Discovery completed a new Quest, focused on their Core Skills goals, and experienced new methods of expression through process drama.


After 2 sessions of Math Power Hour, the community voted to focus on their personal Core Skills goals to finish the year. The learners felt proud of their efforts in Math Power Hour because working toward an Excellent Goal with the entire community involved showed them what they are capable of. The collective number of skills earned in Khan and IXL math nearing tripled during Math Power Hour.


This week of Quest was Film Quest, led by a 5th year learner. After watching the film they would recreate and being divided into groups, learners created their own costumes. They rehearsed their lines with their groups, and created 2 minute long films.



Eagles in Writers’ Workshop began the drafting process for their memoirs by highlighting four stories from their lives.

Eagles in Word World explored comparing and contrasting ideas through various forms of brainstorming maps.


This week in art, Eagles moved their bodies and exercised their voices through drama exercises led by a guest hero in acting.

This week in PD, Eagles focused on footwork through relay races.