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Explore Year 5. Session 6. Week 6.

The learners in Explore spent the week preparing for their Exhibition of Learning, worked together on team challenges, and practiced reading aloud at closing groups.   EXHIBITION OF LEARNING: QUEST Explore learners and Discovery learners had a joint Exhibition at the end of Session 6. They presented their work and  answered questions from their guests […]

Discovery Year 5. Session 6. Week 6.

In Week 6, Discovery Heroes celebrated their hard work and creativity with an Exhibition of Learning! Along the way, they reflected on their growth as a Studio and as individuals on a Hero’s Journey.  WORK CYCLE  Discovery Learners focused on finishing strong in the final week of Work Cycle. Squad Leaders supported Fellow Travelers in […]

Explore Year 5. Session 6. Week 5.

Explorers jumped into week 5 of Session 6 with high energy and didn’t let the rain stop them from working hard or playing hard!   QUEST The learners in Explore joined the learners in Discovery for an experience in a mobile planetarium hosted by Stars and Science Austin on Tuesday. Explorers dove into the technology […]

Discovery Year 5. Session 6. Week 5.

This week, Discoverers designed satellites in Astronomy Quest, researched aerospace inventors in WW, and reached new milestones in Work Cycle.  WORK CYCLE  The Studio came together to learn about the third and final obstacle on the Hero’s Journey: victimhood. Learners identified ways victim mindset may appear in Work Cycle and throughout their day. In Socratic […]

Spark Year 5. Session 6. Week 5.

As the session flowed, the Spark learners continued contemplating the creative arts through an exploration of sculpture and painting. In week three, the learners leaned on their understanding of the various aspects of a theatrical production by sculpting props for their “Theatre in a Box.” Week four brought about an opportunity to bring their props […]

Discovery Year 5. Session 6. Week 4.

In Week 4, Discoverers continued working hard towards their goals in Work Cycle, Astronomy Quest, and Writers’ Workshop!  WORK CYCLE Discovery learners participated in a morning launch on the power of support this week. When asked what support looks like in their community, one Hero noted that support is holding others accountable. A Fellow Traveler […]

Explore Year 5. Session 6. Week 4.

The learners in Explore started Week 4 of Session 6 with Picture Day! They joined the rest of their fellow travelers and gathered as a whole community to commemorate the year together.   QUEST The learners in Explore dove deeper into Astronomy Quest this week. They conducted research on planetary bodies, then used their findings […]

Explore Year 5. Session 6. Week 3.

Explorers got into flow this week. They celebrated milestones in writing, and gave their fellow travelers call-outs for supporting them in reaching those milestones.   QUEST In Astronomy Quest this week, Explorers dove into some of the big forces: tilt & orbit, electromagnetism, and gravity. They became astronomers as they observed the orbit of Earth […]

Discovery Year 5. Session 6. Week 3.

In Week 3, Discovery Heroes explored big forces in Astronomy Quest, new tools in Work Cycle, and astronauts in Writers’ Workshop! WORK CYCLE Discovery learners took a deep dive into the wide range of tools they use throughout the day. First, the Studio refreshed the tech guardrails. Learners shared their thoughts on each existing line […]

Explore Year 5. Session 6. Week 2.

The learners in Explore celebrated Earth Day on Monday by supporting the Spark learners with planting new flowers and herbs in their courtyard.   QUEST In Astronomy Quest this week, Explorers sorted and classified “interstellar dust”, modeled the life cycle of a star, used Hubble’s Galaxy Classification to identify different galaxies by their shape, and […]