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Expedition Earth

In Quest this session, Discovery Eagles have been on a geographical exploration of the world, getting their Ascent passports stamped as they travel from continent to continent, discovering new lands and cultures. These Quest days have led to the exploration of beadwork in Africa, building Igloos in Antarctica, and creating Rangoli in Asia. After traveling […]

Conflict Resolution

Montessori classrooms are rooted in a strong emphasis on peace and treating each other with respect. Conflicts, and how they are navigated, play an important role in establishing these roots. In the studio, a conflict comes in many forms; perhaps it’s a clash of interest among friends, or a struggle over a difference of opinion, […]

Mural Artists in Discovery – Design Process

In Session 3, the heroes of Discovery were commissioned to redesign a mural on campus. They completed daily rounds of verbal feedback and found inspiration both on their campus and in their city. The first step of their design process was to identify the area and get familiar with the space. Afterwards, they created a […]

Movement in a Montessori Environment

Montessori started a shift in education by thinking about movement differently. When observing any Montessori environment you will notice a lot of movement throughout the studio as this is an integral part of the Montessori environment.    When our bodies are in motion, we are connected to the environment around us. Our minds cannot be […]

The Story of Discovery

As we begin a new session equipped with all of the systems, goals, and accomplishments of Mission Discovery Launch, we come back to the question of the year, How Does a Hero Connect? Discovery learners have been making connections between themselves and those who lived 40,000 years ago in the start of Civilization. Like the […]

Discovery Studio: Go For Launch!

In the Discovery Studio this week, learners finished their last week of hero training in Mission Discovery. They worked hard to prepare their work and the studio to invite parents in to be part of the first exhibition of the year. Learners organized a poetry SLAM and open mic that they performed for their parents. […]

Mission: Discovery Talent Show

The Discovery studio opened its doors to many heroes who came to support Mission discovery. Beginning the week with jugglers, new talents and interests were experienced to kickstart inspiration for the mission ahead. This week in the Discovery Studio, heroes tapped into their passions and callings by preparing and putting on a talent show in […]

Welcome to Mission Discovery

We have completed our first full week of Mission Discovery that was kicked off by team building, setting goals and expectations, and LIP DUB. Last week, Discovery created a lip dub (a one take music video) to Sunday Best by Surfaces using the entire campus and including every member of the community. Learners started creating […]