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Spark Year 5. Session 3. Week 2

This week, the Sparks delved deeper into their Marine Biology study by exploring the vast array of life that exists beneath the ocean’s surface. The learners had a chance to hone their debating skills by discussing the topic “Are sea turtles better than fish?” This provided an opportunity to understand different perspectives and practice healthy […]

Explore Year 5. Session 3. Week 2.

The learners in Explore started the week with powerful reflections about the culture of Explore; what they are proud of and what they want to improve upon. QUEST This week Explorers traveled to Europe, Africa and Antarctica through Cartography Quest! They thoughtfully discussed the meaning of borders and current events from the countries within Europe […]

Discovery Year 5. Session 3. Week 2.

Just like that, the session is over halfway through! Discoverers continue their work in Cartography Quest, Civilization, Work Cycles, and Outdoor Play/P.D.  QUEST In Week 2, the modern-day Magellan’s of Discovery Studio set forth to new continents. The voyage visited Africa, Europe, and Antarctica through the continued creation of a world fact book. In Squads, […]

Spark Year 5. Session 3. Week 1

To kick off the start of the session, Spark learners dove deep into the ocean to embark on their focus for this session- Marine Biology! To begin their study, learners explored the ecosystems of each layer of the ocean before flowing into lessons on new works. Sparks engaged in threading, pin punching, cutting, and measuring […]

Explore Year 5. Session 3. Week 1.

Explorers began Session 3 with discussions about the kind of culture they want in their studio and how they plan to create and pass down that culture for future Explore learners. QUEST The learners in Explore took on the role of map-makers in their Cartography Quest this week. They contemplated whether they would have joined […]

Discovery Year 5. Session 3. Week 1.

Discovery learners launched into Session 3 with energy and autonomy. Take a peek into this session’s Quest and the evolution of Work and Play Cycles! QUEST Cartography Quest presents the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe through your imagination. Learners gain valuable map-making skills through mini-challenges called Voyages. Heroes will also dive deeply into cultural narratives […]

Spark Year 5. Session 2. Week 5

As the session drew to a close, the Sparks studio concluded its focus on environmental science by immersing themselves in the gifts from the natural world. Following their harvesting of Mexican plums from the orchard, Sparks pitted the fruit during Spark Play, later donning aprons to head into the kitchen to prepare plum jam and […]

Discovery Year 5. Session 2. Week 5.

To quote one learner on their Week 5 experience, “It feels like freedom.” After a session of great challenges and great responsibility, Discovery Heroes celebrated their journey with an Exhibition of Learning, a Work Cycle reflection, and a Badge Ceremony.  EXHIBITION OF LEARNING: QUEST  E-Ship Quest came to a powerful culmination at the Trade Show. […]

Explore Year 5. Session 2. Week 5.

Explorers stepped into the last week of Session 2 reflecting on their Hero’s Journey and discussing the obstacles they faced, the accomplishments they felt proud of, and the failures they learned from in this session.   QUEST The learners in Explore discussed the Key Success Factors of starting a business such as customers, cost competition, […]

Spark Year 5. Session 2. Week 4

As the Sparks dove deeper into their studies of environmental science, their curiosity led them outside of the studio onto a school bus to attend their first field trip of the year- Crowe’s Nest Farms! The Spark learners gained a deeper understanding of a working farm and animal sanctuary by enjoying a hay ride to […]