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Year 2. Session 3. Week 1.

Does happiness make you grateful or does gratefulness make you happy?

As the Eagles return from break, the focus this short session shifts to gratitude! After doing some research on the impact of gratitude, the Eagles learned that there are four main impacts of gratitude:

Gratitude opens the door to more relationships.
Gratitude improves physical health.
Grateful people sleep better.
Gratitude improves self-esteem.

Throughout these next three weeks, the Eagles will reflect on various aspects of gratitude bringing positivity, energy and awareness to their lives inside and outside of the studio.

Spark Insight Journal – Page 3 – Circle Time Discussions

Circle time in the studio is a crucial time for our young learners to develop their listening skills, learn new vocabulary, practice language skills, practice following directions, build self-confidence, learn group and grace and courtesy lessons, and learn about being a member of a community, often indirectly through discussions, stories, play, and practice. This is […]