Year 4. Session 7. Week 2 Spark Update

This week in Spark, the learners continued their enrichment of culture and geography by taking a trip to Europe! We read books and watched a video that supported in learning about various European countries; who lives there, what they eat, what language they speak, etc. During the exploration of these countries, the Sparks also made time to continue working on their ocean dioramas which will be ready to present to the Discovery learners next week! The Sparks were also busy all week during Spark Play, showing their gardening skills by planting two olive trees in our orchard. As a Spark community, we celebrated all the hard work by enjoying some olive oil, olives, bread, and crackers.


For our Grace and Courtesy practice this week, we are continuing conversations around inclusivity and exclusivity. We are supporting the Sparks in this by using growth mindset language, and reminding them that we do not talk about private events that take place outside of school.

We finished up this week with our first-ever schedule swap! As the weather heats up, we are enjoying Spark Play in the morning (during our usual work time), then flowing into the work time after lunch. This will support the Sparks in staying cool throughout the rest of the year in this Texas heat!

The Sparks also enjoyed watermelon variations to support hydration at the end of each day this week, a sweet new tradition. Have a great weekend!


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