Year 4. Session 7. Week 1.

Discovery learners kicked off Session 7 with a discussion about how feelings connect them to themselves and the people around them. They defined how they want to feel this session and what they want their studio as a whole to feel like. Some of the feelings that were listed were: free, accepting, calm, kind, happy, and amazing. They will continue to come back to how they want to feel and make connections with what actions will support those desires.


The beginning of the session called for committee elections, 360 Reviews, and casting a vision for what is ahead. The learners in Discovery received feedback from fellow Eagles about a line in the contract: “I will not distract myself or others.” Their choices from the last session were highlighted and reflected on as each Eagle received Warm Feedback and Cool Feedback.


This session’s Quest is the Growing Curiosity Quest. Each week is led by an Eagle who creates a Quest based on something that has sparked their interest. This week, the learners’ interest in the nature around them was expanded with Bug Quest. Learners chose a bug to research in detail and created displays to present their findings.


Eagles in Writers’ Workshop began the brainstorming process for writing Memoirs.

Eagles in Word World explored comparing and contrasting ideas by creating Venn diagrams.


This week in art, Eagles explored creativity through yarn and drawing.

This week in PD, Eagles focused on motor skills and practiced sportsmanship through basketball games.