Year 4. Session 6. Week 6 Spark Update

The Sparks were quite busy week for the last week of the session! There was a presentation from a Discovery learner about coral bleaching, an invitation to support Discovery in their detective exhibition preparations, and some exciting new additions to their diorama work. On Tuesday we brought out some clay for the creation of marine figurines which helped sharpen fine motor skills such as measuring, molding, and gluing. After the clay dried, the Sparks spent the rest of their week having the option to paint their boxes and complete figures for the dioramas we will be showcasing to Discovery next session.








For our Grace and Courtesy practice this week, the learners continued discussions that focus on the importance of being inclusive at school. We have been practicing this by role-playing scenarios and by playing the spaghetti game to understand the importance of tone. For a deeper dive into the “why” of consistency being key, feel free to explore the link down below.

We finished up the session with an all-campus picnic, fun water play with sprinklers, and in true Spark fashion, invited the Discovery learners to participate in our annual Friday dance party.


Have a great weekend and a wonderful break!

The Power of Consistency