Year 4. Session 6. Week 6.

This week in Discovery, the learners prepared for their exhibition and invited guests to see their work in Quest, Word World, and Writers’ Workshop this session. Discussions this week focused on courage and defining success. Many Eagles practiced courage by planning or leading exhibition, by sharing a story with guests, and by presenting information from Quest and answering questions. The learners described success in the exhibition as everyone in the studio playing their part, moving through the space respectfully, and having fun. To celebrate the end of the session, learners enjoyed an all-campus picnic and water play day!



This week in Core Skills, Eagles set goals for the last week of the session and reflected on the progress of their goals. Some celebrated achieving the goals they set for themselves in this session, while others made plans to adjust for the future. Eagles who adjusted their goals reflected on how they used their time during the session, if their goals were achievable, and what they plan to do moving forward.


This week, Discovery Eagles invited guests to their exhibition to experience the skills they learned through Detective Quest. They created a mystery for their guests to solve and invited them to take fingerprints, examine hair, create footprint molds, and question suspects. At the end of their training, guests combined their evidence to determine the guilty party.


Eagle’s in Word World and Writer’s Workshop completed and published their stories, and shared them with guests during story time at the exhibition. They will continue sharing their stories with learners in the Spark studio throughout the next session.


This week in art, Eagles discussed their sense of home and place. They shared where their families are from, and what places in their lives feel like home. The question of what makes a place home led them to their creative expression of the conversation through drawing.

This week in PD, Eagles focused on footwork and mindful movements through functional movement and relay races.