Year 4. Session 6. Week 2.

This week in Discovery, Eagles discovered new details about the crimes they are solving in Detective Quest, achieved goals in Math Power Hour, and started a new journey in art. Some Eagles celebrated earning their first badges while others moved up a mountain.


This week in Core Skills, Eagles settled into their new squads that were selected by squad leaders who were voted on by the community. The goal for the squad leads was to select squads that are balanced, allowing each squad member to lean into their challenge zones and comfort zones at different times throughout the session. Squad leaders set leadership goals for themselves which included goals of making sure that every group member has a role, being fair, and encouraging their squad members.



This week in Quest, detectives interviewed their suspects. Playing the roles of the suspects of the three crimes were the Peak Bears, who brought their characters to life with accents, alibis, and background stories. The detectives in Discovery were challenged to ask questions that would lead them to know the story of each suspect in order to find out who committed the crimes. They gathered alibis, fingerprints, and handwriting to see what would match the evidence. The detectives were quick to notice a change in story or a false accusation throughout their questioning. After gathering their information, the detectives started the make connections that will lead them to solving the crimes.


Eagles in Writers’ Workshop completed story maps for the narrative of their stories, and began their first drafts. They started by mapping out their exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Writing Buddies joined Writer’s Workshop to support the writers through asking questions to spark ideas and curiosity, as they began writing the first drafts of their stories.

Eagles in Word World brought their characters to life by adding character traits and back stories for the creatures they created in week 1. They will continue to build stories around their creatures throughout the session.



This week in art, Eagles welcomed a guest who will be leading them through acting this session. Eagle’s heard from our guest about his Hero’s Journey, and shared about themselves. They will be using acting as a space to practice using their voices and making space for others’ voices.

This week in PD, Eagles completed the volleyball tournament that began at the end of session 5. They reflected on sportsmanship and teamwork, and will continue important conversations through the year.