Year 4. Session 6. Week 3 Spark Update

This week in Spark, the learners dove to the deepest depths of the ocean in our continued study of Marine Biology! We watched a video where we were able to join some explorers observing each level of the sea, all the way to the ocean floor. We also continued to pull on certain books in our studio to plunge ourselves into deeper research. There is a lot of excitement in practicing our new works which are supporting them in strengthening their sorting, classification, and fine motor skills. To end our week, we enjoyed some deep sea creature coloring sheets and a Friday squid craft which continued to assist the Sparks in practicing measurements and cutting.

For our Grace and Courtesy practice this week, we have been having a lot of conversations about the “why” we keep our bodies and our studio clean. The learners continued to discuss the importance of staying healthy by washing hands, bathroom etiquette, and covering coughs as sickness continues to spread.

We have finally harvested enough fruit from our orchard to create a yummy treat in celebration of our hard work as gardeners! We finished up the week with a trash pick up to support keeping our campus clean, and, in true Spark fashion, danced the week away at our annual Friday dance party.


Have a great weekend!