Year 5. Session 3. Week 3.

Session 3 landed powerfully in Discovery. Heroes celebrated with a final destination field trip, the annual book exchange, and a reflection on the Question of the Year!


Cartography Quest began with an overview of history’s greatest voyages. From Magellan to Lewis & Clark, learners connected with the experience of geographic exploration. Through the campus scavenger hunt, the tribe became familiar with longitude and latitude lines. This marked the start of a series of challenges designed to build the technical skills behind map-making. 

These skills were developed even further through the World Factbook. By collecting information to craft the factbook, learners examined country-specific cultural topics. This process gave Heroes the opportunity to expand their cartographic knowledge while utilizing hands-on creativity. 

Using maps from the geography works, the Studio integrated Montessori works into Quest for the first time this session. Learners worked to create detailed continental maps complete with individual countries, important locations, landmarks, and cities. 

At every step of the way in this Quest, Squads were unraveling a shared mystery. Completed work earned a Squad a clue to take them one step closer to solving the puzzle. On the final day of Cartography Quest, all of the clues came together to form a map to their final destination! 


The final day of Session 3 started and ended with tradition. In the morning, the Studio engaged in Socratic Discussion on Ascent’s QOTY: What Voice Does a Hero Listen to? To conclude the day, Discovery held its annual book exchange! Learners handmade their own wrapping paper and surprised their fellow traveler with a thoughtfully selected book.