Year 4. Session 6. Week 4 Spark Update

This week in Spark, the learners began their preparations for the dioramas we will be making to further our study of Marine Biology! We first started discussions around which materials we will need, then split into groups to choose our themes. The Sparks used animal and geography books in our studio to plunge themselves into deeper research within their groups. This Thursday we continued to explore the layers of the ocean by doing a science experiment using various liquids to symbolize the difference in density. Finally, on Friday, the Sparks continued in sharpening their fine motor skills like cutting, measuring, and tracing to create a shiny seahorse craft.

For our Grace and Courtesy practice this week, we have been practicing “sprinkling kindness” on various situations and with the messages we give our friends. We practice using different tones by playing the spaghetti game, and we use kindness card scenarios to have group discussions around the importance of being kind.

We ended the week with our weekly trash pick-up to support keeping our campus clean, and, of course, danced the week away at our annual Friday dance party.


Have a great weekend!