Year 3. Session 5. Week 4.

Back by popular demand, it is the celebration of colors! Instead of welcoming Spring, the Eagles used their colors to celebrate their time with Mr. Phil.

Core Skills

The Eagles celebrated many learners this week for earning badges. Let’s take a look at the Core Skills work that led to these badges…


This week, the Eagles became biologists as they conducted field studies for Quest. What specimens did your Eagle collect? What can they tell you about a pitfall trap? The Eagles then took on the challenge of designing a butterfly garden for the area in front of the Discovery Studio windows. What size, shape, colors, types of plants, and other details did your Eagle think would make the best garden?


This week, the Writers’ Workshop Eagles focused on peer critiques in the form of warm-cool-warm feedback. Since it can be challenging for a writer to revise their own piece, the Eagles crafted these “feedback sandwiches” to help each other look at their work with fresh eyes.

This week in Word World, the Eagles strengthened their hand muscles by focusing fine-line drawing skills. First through sketching and then with zentangles, these learners explored the differences between following steps to make art and making art from their own imaginations.  Ask you Eagle about what type of art they preferred!

Art – Civilization – PD

Lights, camera, action! For Art, the Eagles continued filming and modifying their works of film art. Many Eagles moved to post-production where they have the ability to add music, move to different scenes, and so much more!  What methods  is your Eagle using to bring their film to life?

For PD, the Eagles played one of their most highly requested sports: soccer. After reflecting on their abilities to be mindful of their movements during a physical game, the Eagles’ PD committee stepped in to lead a game of their choice.  Let’s take a look…

For Civilization, the Eagles traveled East and examined the methods of different leaders. What trait does your Eagle feel is most needed to succeed in dealing with foreign nations: friendliness, clarity, strength, or something else?

Stay tuned to see what design plans the Eagles create for their garden!