Year 3. Session 5. Week 3.

To further promote their learner driven community, a few of the Eagles have begun to lead Socratic discussions during launches. These discussions are chosen by the Eagles and can touch on anything from needs of the studio to topics they are curious about. The Eagles also revisited their “whys” around their different lunch traditions.

Core Skills

The Eagles have been working hard during Core Skills to make progress on their badges and the studio has had a lot to celebrate during Badge Ceremonies. Which badge is your Eagle currently working towards?


This week’s focus was on raising insects and helping them to live and grow as the Eagles learn about them. With multiple kinds of insects in the studio, the Eagles had to consider all their different habitats and decide how they can provide the same quality of care to each insect. How did your Eagle care for each of the species they have in their studio?


This week, the Writers’ Workshop Eagles explored drafting by discovering different ways to both show and tell their readers about the science-based fiction world they have created. To learn more, ask your Eagle how they described the actions that were displayed during a game of charades. 

The Word World Eagles practiced their storytelling skills as they created entire stories based solely on pictures. What happened in your Eagle’s story? The Word World Eagles then became spies and decoded secret messages to accomplish their missions! Ask your Eagle what secret messages and mission tasks they were able to decode.

Art – Civilization – PD

In Art, the Eagles entered the world of production. Using their scripts, the Eagles began casting for their films and actors conducted research to prepare for their roles. The Eagles also started to familiarize themselves with editing software as they began some of their initial filming.

For PD, the Eagles focused on playing games with Mr. Phil! To learn more, ask your Eagle to explain the rules of Triangle Tag.

For Civilization, the Eagles learned about Eli Whitney, Catherine the Great, and James Watt. Which one of these individuals was the most interesting to your Eagle and why?

Stay tuned to see what happens in next week’s field study!