Year 3. Session 5. Week 2.

The Eagles started their silent moments this session. This sacred moment of silence is used however it best serves each Eagle. Has your Eagle used this time to rest, do a mindfulness exercise, focus on breathing, or something else?

Core Skills

The Eagles had over seven hours of Core Skills time available to them this week. What did your Eagle work on during this time?


This week, the Eagles went on a SOLE (self-organized learning environment) to find the answer to a few big questions. To learn more, ask your Eagle the following: What makes an insect an insect? What is an arthropod? How are they different from arachnids? Could humans survive without insects?


This week, the Writers’ Workshop Eagles dove into understanding how to structure their stories. They started by completing a story spine for their fictional stories and then moved to the drafting phase. 

The Word World Eagles practiced different syllables together in order to prepare to write their very own odes and Lantern Poems. 

Art – Civilization – PD

For Art, the Eagles began filming their infomercials and had the opportunity to share these with the tribe. They then reviewed film crew jobs and began to prepare for more film work.

The PD committee led warm-ups before the tribe began a few games of kickball. Later, the Eagles played Gaga Ball, but with a few twists. To learn more, ask your Eagle how they navigated the additional Gaga Ball options. 

For Civilization, the Eagles first sailed south to explore Botany Bay before returning to France. To learn more, ask your Eagle what they can tell you about Australia or the storming of the Bastille.

Stay tuned to see how a few Eagles will take over launches!