Year 3. Session 5. Week 1.

The Eagles started session 5 ready to tackle their new focus trait: organization.

Core Skills

Last session, the Eagles requested to have more time to work on their Core Skills. Let’s take a look to see how they utilized their additional Core Skills time.


So far this year, the Eagles have been entrepreneurs, chess players, physicists, poets, actors, and authors. In session five’s quest, they will be entomologists! This first week, the Eagles gathered in their quest teams to better understand the taxonomy of insects.


The Word World Eagles practiced their storytelling skills by using items from a box as inspiration for a short story. To learn more, ask your Eagle how they then used Pictionary to further develop their storytelling abilities. 

For Writers’ Workshop this session, the Eagles will dive into the world of science-based fiction. Their mission is to choose an area of science, research fascinating facts about it, and then use their powerful imaginations to write an unforgettable story about characters they invent. Later, they will become illustrators and transform their stories into picture books! Let’s take a look at how they kicked things off.

Art – Civilization – PD

For Art, the Eagles welcomed back Ms. Jacqui as they began to lay down plans to film an infomercial for their own products.

The Eagles are revamping their Physical Development for this session. With new activity station options and a pending PD Committee selection, the Eagles (literally) hit the ground running as they started PD.

In last session’s Civilization, a stunning victory over the British had given the colonies their independent nation. The Eagles now start a new session exploring a new country and the American Constitution.

Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming SOLE presentations and silent moments.