Year 3. Session 4. Weeks 5 & 6.

The Eagles had a strong finish to Session 4! After wrapping up all their work from the session, the Eagles prepared for their Exhibition of learning where they showcased their knowledge of Physics and Writing. They ended the session by putting their rope tying knowledge to good use at a rock climbing outing!


The Eagles continued their exploration of physics by testing the forces of flight through various paper airplane challenges. Then they prepared for their Exhibition of Learning where they taught their families how to use physics when creating and designing toys to test in Newton’s Toy Lab. 


In the final days of their writing journey, the Eagles in Writers’ Workshop revised and edited their works of fiction. After six weeks of hard work, these Eagles published their final drafts to add to the studio library. In Word World, the Eagles continued to develop their hand muscles and finger strength through tracing activities. Then they put all of their knowledge together and prepared presentations of their learning for the Exhibition.


In Art, the Eagles continued to develop their acting skills by creating characters and scripts of their very own! After script writing, blocking, costume designing, and a lot of rehearsing, the Eagles filmed their short scenes.

Exhibition of Learning

At the Exhibition of Learning, the Eagles began their day by inviting members of their families to experience the learning of this session. The Eagles prepared booths with physics experiments for their families to learn from and enjoy. Booths included: building cars  to test gravity, thrust, and momentum; building boats to test buoyancy; building bridges to test compression, friction, and tension; building paper airplanes to test the forces of flight; and a booth for Rube Goldberg machines!

After playing in Newton’s Toy Lab, families were invited to visit the Word World booths- which demonstrated the work of this session. Families were also invited to listen to excerpts from the fiction works created in Writers’ Workshop.

Field Outing

Session 4 came to a close with a field outing which included rock climbing and an outdoor scavenger hunt!

The Eagles finished Session 4 strong! We are excited for another great session filled with the fun of learning! See you in Session 5!