Year 3. Session 4. Week 4.

Halfway through Session 4, the Eagles worked hard to continue the momentum they built up over the first three weeks!

Core Skills

In Core Skills, the Eagles had the opportunity to move to Scholar’s Choice after completing an IXL diagnostics challenge and a SMARTER goal challenge. Did your Eagle move to Scholar’s Choice? If so, what did they choose to work on?


The Eagles continued their foray into physics in Week 4 by exploring simple machines. Check out the gallery to see their launcher and marble run creations morph into complex Rube Goldberg machines!


This week in Writer’s Workshop, the young authors continued to work on developing their fiction stories. They put particular thought into knowing their audience. In Word World, learners continued to grow their understanding of word classes through Madlibs. Then they strengthened their writing skills by completing advanced mazes, and even creating a few of their own.

Art – Civilization – PD

In Civilization, the Eagles traveled to Bengal to discover some surprising English trading posts. To learn more, ask your Eagle about the East India Company and what made them unique. Then the Eagles hopped aboard a magical creature to explore the Land of the Dragon. Based on their explorations, what type of city did your Eagle decide to live in: the largest, the richest, something else?

In Art, the Eagles grew their acting skills by finding the motivation and backstory of their characters and practicing acting out some scripts.

In PD, the Eagles continued to practice their soccer skills with their PD coaches. They also established teams for a few relay races. Let’s take a look…

Stay tuned as the Eagles spend next week preparing to wrap up their session works in order to showcase them at the Exhibition of Learning in Week 6!