Year 3. Session 4. Weeks 2 & 3.

The Eagles had a shortened week in studio for Week 2 but kept the momentum going strong as they finished the week up at home. Week 3 saw a return to campus with focus and intent, with Eagles tackling new challenges in each part of their day.

Core Skills

In Core Skills, the Eagles were challenged to push themselves to work in an area that they had not worked in all last week. What Core Skill did your Eagle work in? What kept them from working on it the prior week? When do they plan to work in this Core Skill again?


The Eagles continued their discovery of the laws and forces of Physics by tackling challenges focused on buoyancy, friction, compression and tension. They constructed rafts to hold as much weight as possible, bridges to span the greatest distance while holding weight, and towers that soared to the greatest height to support weight while trying to be as efficient with materials as possible.


In Word World this week, the Eagles explored prepositions in an interactive game involving boxes and studio objects. Next they flexed their language muscles in a game of Taboo.

In Writer’s Workshop, the Eagles continued their creative journey as writers of fiction stories. Ask your eagle to share their progress!

Art – Civilization – PD

In Civilization, the Eagles traveled to Russia and learned about Peter the Great. Which one of Peter’s accomplishments did your Eagle find most impressive? Then the Eagles put themselves in the shoes of Kara Mustafa and had to consider which is more advantageous, leading your troops above ground or tunneling below an entire city.

In Art the Eagles continued exploring the art of acting! They developed their repertoire of voices by investigating the different ways they can change their voice to sound like different characters!

In PD, the Eagles continued to work with their PD coaches on soccer, basketball, and gaga ball! The cold weather did not stop the Eagles as they pivoted to a little indoor yoga.

Check back in next week to see what new challenges the Discovery Eagles take on!