Year 3. Session 4. Week 1.

Rested and refreshed from Winter Break, the Discovery Eagles arrived back on campus ready to tackle the challenges ahead of them in Session 4. Follow along to see what they have been up to this week and a preview of what’s in store!

Core Skills

To kick off the new year, the Eagles dedicated some of their core skills time to reviewing their badge plans. The Eagles spent time organizing their challenges and ensuring all work was up to date. Did your Eagle make any changes to their plan for 2022?


This session will see the Eagles take on the roles of toy creator and physicist in Newton’s Toy Lab Physics Quest! Week 1 was off to the races as the Eagles explored the forces of gravity, thrust and momentum by building cars and competing in different distance and accuracy challenges.


In Writers’ Workshop this week, the Eagles embarked on a journey as authors of fiction. The Eagles chose a fiction genre to write in and kicked off the writing process by brainstorming the settings, characters, and plot points of their stories. 

This week in Word World, the Eagles flexed their creative muscles to build monster characters. They gave their characters many eyes and wings and some chicken feet. Then the eagles worked their imaginations even further as they created stories of their very own.

Art – Civilization – PD

This week in Civilization, the Eagles traveled to Prussia to meet King Frederick. Did your Eagle agree with the methods King Frederick used to become king? After leaving Prussia, the Eagles revisited a few colonial conflicts. To learn more, ask your Eagle what they can tell you about John Sassamon, Metacom, or Marie-Madeleine.

The Eagles were excited to welcome back their PD coaches from Session 3, jumping right into gaga ball, kickball and soccer. It will be exciting to see what the Peak coaches have in store for the Discovery Eagles!

Stay tuned to see the progress the Eagles make in these areas in the weeks ahead!