Year 3. Session 3. Week 3.

To express gratitude to one another, the Eagles participated in the Secret Eagle Book Exchange. To prepare for this exchange, each person uses empathy and their best detective skills, to choose a book for a Fellow Traveler. They spent a couple weeks secretly trying to see what types of books their Eagle may be interested in, and then decorated gift bags for the exchange. In this final week, the time came for the Eagles to exchange their books! Eventually the books make it back to the Ascent library- a favorite way to grow our collection. 

The Eagles closed their session with a trip to the Expedition School to finalize their Earth Gratitude badges! On the trip they learned about Leave No Trace, the water sources in and around Austin, and native plants and animals. Let’s take a look at their full day of hiking and kayaking!

For PD, the Eagles finished their session with their Middle School coaches! To learn more, ask your Eagle about what skills they worked on for their Physical Development. 

For Art, the learners were challenged to create a single masterpiece using any artistic medium. The results speak for themselves…

The Word World Eagles practiced letter writing as they wrote a letter of encouragement to their future selves. They then chose some of their favorite Word World activities to work on. Which activity did your Word World Eagles choose to work on? 

To be an excellent interviewer, is it more important to be curious or persistent? This is the question the Writers’ Workshop Eagles faced as they took on an in-depth interviewer challenge. 

All this session, the Eagles have been diving deep into the power of words. They worked to uncover their own language powers and saw how words can have power over others and the world around them. But for their final week of Word Play Quest, the Eagles explored the power that words can have over them. To learn more, ask your Eagle about their word game in which they threw a ball around the whole studio!

Thank you for trusting us with your learners. We cannot wait to see everyone in 2022!