Year 1. Session 2. Week 2.

The Eagles started the last week of October with a quiet Monday morning of intentional Core Skills. They launched into the day with a video about Stephen Hawking and a discussion about perseverance in the face of struggle and how this hero changed the world, using his terrifying diagnosis as a means for motivation. Doctors didn’t think he would live past his 25th birthday, so he got to work. Eagles grappled with questions on what motivates them on their journeys and they shared reflections on times they motivated themselves and times they received help from others. They were then prompted to write a motivating note to themselves on a sticky pad to be placed somewhere they’ll see often. The notes include messages such as “You can do it!” and “Keep going!”


On Tuesday and Thursday, Eagles continued drafting their stories in Writers’ Workshop and were challenged to think more about how illustrations impact a reader’s experience and ways they can make their stories more memorable.

Kimery Duda, the founder of the Expedition School joined the Eagles this week for their Tuesday morning launch of the next two Field Study Badges: Hiking and Geology! Eagles first learned about Alexander von Humboldt (geologist turned explorer) and discussed his character traits as a hero. Then, Kimery led them in a game of observations and discussed what it means to be a keen observer in nature. She also discussed hiking/backcountry safety and the history of Westcave Preserve (the location of our next Field Day!).

Due to the first frost of the year, P.D. was canceled this week and was replaced by extra Core Skills. Half the group listened to music and worked on papier-mache sculptures with Ms. Rebecca while the other half stayed warm, curled up on comfy furniture with their Chromebooks in hand and their headphones on. Later that day, the Eagles organized a costume contest to celebrate Halloween!

In E-Ship this week, the Eagle-led companies focused on company image by exploring different marketing styles and brands. They worked hard to create their company image and on Friday competed in a swag and sign competition where they put their hard work on display!


In Civilization this week, Eagles traveled to Egypt where they learned about King Namer and the earliest forms of writing. They debated the importance of certain contributions to civilization and grappled with the impact of written history.

On Friday the Eagles wrapped-up the week by sharing highlights, lowlights, and character callouts!