Year 1. Session 2. Week 1.

Session 2 was welcomed with tons of enthusiasm as the Eagles were excited to see their friends and get back to work! The session was launched with a short video describing what it means to learn like a Jungle Tiger, setting the stage for embracing struggle in lieu of the comfort that comes with having things done for you. With the launch of the E-Ship Build-a-Business Quest, Creative Writing for Writer’s Workshop and the introduction of Civilization, the Eagles will surely be pushed beyond their comfort zones with fun, new challenges this session. Eagles are gearing up to embrace their inner Jungle Tiger and face these challenges head-on!

Expedition School Field Program – Pedernales River

The rain may have delayed Session 1’s Field Program Outing with the Expedition School, but we couldn’t have dreamed up a better day to spend outdoors on Tuesday! The Eagles engaged in hands-on learning of kayaking skills and water ecology fundamentals relating to our local waterways. Those who pursued the Kayaking and Water Ecology Field Badges learned advanced maneuvers, paddling techniques and conducted water quality testing.

We want to get a big thank you to all of the Expedition School Field Guides and parents who volunteered their time to shuttle the group to and from the river!!

E-Ship: Build-a-Business Quest & Writers’ Workshop – Creative Writing

Eagles embarked on their session-long entrepreneurship quest of building a business from the ground up!  On this quest, groups of Eagles form companies that will sell lemonade and snack mix. They will be challenged to set up their organizations, determine their brand, conduct cost and risk analysis and calculate unit economics. Throughout the quest, they will participate in various real-time Lemonade Stand-Offs, culminating in a final Stand Off at the Exhibition.

This week, Eagles were challenged to determine a company name, mission statement and determine the roles each person will play within the organization. Upon completing these challenges this week, teams were tasked to create a duct tape wallet to keep the Studio Bucks they will be earning throughout the quest. They’ll need plenty of Studio Bucks (different from Hero Bucks) to purchase supplies and materials to sell at the upcoming Stand-Offs!

To wrap up Week 1’s quest challenges, each Eagle learned about 8 different entrepreneurial heroes including Dallas Crilley, a young author writing about the benefits of venturing into entrepreneurship at an early age, Moziah Bridges, a fashion designer who inked an exclusive deal with the NBA before entering high school, and tech icons Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Many Eagles participated in the Children’s Business Fair over the weekend, which was a fun and inspiring launch to this quest. The community is excited to see each Eagles’ growth on their path to business success throughout the session!

This session’s Writers’ Workshop, Creative Fiction- has come out of the gates with a bang! The Eagles were extremely focused on both WW days, with each completing their own Freytag’s Pyramid outlining the major components of their stories and beginning their first drafts. Next week they will step into the shoes of an illustrator to use imagery as inspiration to make their stories more memorable.

PD – Ultimate Football

Session 1 wrapped up with the PD Olympics, paving the way for those new skills and strengths to be put to use! The Eagles were introduced to Ultimate Football (think American Football meets Ultimate Frisbee!) on Thursday through skill development and conditioning. They worked on hand-eye coordination through throwing and catching, agility with a cone drill and teamwork by navigating from one side of the field to the other within the framework of the Ultimate Football rules. The session started out with a lot of energy, which should make Tuesday’s first scrimmage a blast for everyone involved!

It was a great first week of the session and we’re excited to see what Week 2 has in store for our heroes!