Year 1. Session 2. Week 3.

As most weeks do, Week 3 began with a focused session of intentional Core Skills. The Eagles were tasked with identifying which specific badges they were working towards while setting their goals for the day. By the end of the week, the Eagles submitted and earned SIX new badges towards their badge plans! This, on top of ten prior badges that were reviewed and approved, provided quite a spark of motivation in the studio around progression through IXL/Khan, Lexia, Spelling City, Typing Club and others. Everyone is excited to carry the momentum through to week 4!

The imaginative, creative fiction works the Eagles have been drafting continued this week in Writers’ Workshop with a focus on Word Choice. Tuesday’s session was kicked off with a TED Ed video highlighting the use of metaphors and similes to put the reader in the shoes of the character. It described a character named Billie who, well, let’s just say wasn’t feeling too well at school that day:

“Billie’s legs are noodles. The ends of her hair are poison needles. Her tongue is a bristly sponge, and her eyes are bags of bleach.”

The author’s word choice makes the audience feel almost as nauseated as Billie herself. With word choice top of mind, and with the help of a few gracious Writing Buddies (thank you!), the Eagles were back hard at work bringing their stories to life!

Once again the clock was dialed back while the Eagles took a trip through time and around the globe. This week’s Civilization witnessed the unified ‘Old Kingdom’ of Egypt and their burial rituals, the Sumerian dictator King Sargon and his rise to power, as well as a King Hammurabi and his code of laws. Debated topics ranged from asking priests to spend royal riches on an expensive mummification to save yourself in the afterlife or risk of being rejected from the afterlife by not being mummified, instead using the money to feed the hungry people of the kingdom, to deciding if you would rather live in a free city-state that was self-managed but did not progress because it was constantly fighting other city-states, or live under a dictator like King Sargon who conquered and was ruling your city-state from afar, but put a stop to the fighting. We can’t wait to see where our travels through time take us next week!

Ultimate Football continued on during the week and this sport has provided a few new challenges to the Eagles in the form of determining equitable playing time. Only five people from each team are allowed on the field at a given time, so how do you figure out who gets to play (and how much) when everyone wants to be out there? Tuesday’s scrimmage was cut a bit short to gather in a Socratic Discussion surrounding that very topic. There was a lot of frustration around the group but great ideas were debated and the session ended with each team working through their own substitution strategies. Typically, Thursdays are split with one team in PD while the other works with Mrs. Rebecca in Art, however Mother Nature had other plans in store. The schedule was adjusted due to the rain so while one group was doing art, the other was working through their hour of Core Skills. The rain subsided just as the typical hour of Core Skills would be getting underway. Since each group got their Core Skills in, an impromptu, `1combined PD kicked off giving the Eagles a chance to put their strategies to work earlier than expected! The response was a complete 180 and it was just remarkable to see so much growth in such a short amount of time. The game flowed seamlessly with substitutes enthusiastically cheering on their competing teammates and Eagles running off the field to allow their peers into the game with words of encouragement and high fives. It was a game to remember!

The four Ascent lemonade companies were back at the entrepreneurial grind this week, navigating their way through markets, competition and behavioral economics in preparation for their first live Lemonade Stand-Off! Market research and surveys were conducted through the week to help determine potential preferences and help set prices on each serving of lemonade. At the end of the week, a mystery investor, encouraged about the future prospects of the lemonade industry, provided each team with $10 Studio Bucks to purchase material for their competition later that day. Each team was rewarded with any profits made during the competition. The team with the most profit earned won an additional $10 Studio Buck bonus investment from the investor to use in future competitions!

We also had the opportunity to celebrate another Eagle getting one year older this week!

What a great week! Here are some questions to help get the conversations going at home:

  1. What was your greatest lesson learned during Quest this week? How did you team work together? How will contribute to your team next week?
  2. Which badge were you most focused on last week? Which one(s) will you focus on next week?
  3. Are you working towards a Field Badge? Which one and why?
  4. What is your favorite part of the day: Civilization, Core Skills, Quest, Writers’ Workshop, PD, or Art?