Spark Insight Journal – Page 3 – Circle Time Discussions

Circle time in the studio is a crucial time for our young learners to develop their listening skills, learn new vocabulary, practice language skills, practice following directions, build self-confidence, learn group and grace and courtesy lessons, and learn about being a member of a community, often indirectly through discussions, stories, play, and practice.

This is done differently in different environments and at different times. Most guides begin their day with a circle, some end their day with a circle, some do it during transitions- between work cycle and lunch, lunch and play, etc. In our current schedule at Ascent Spark, we have a full-studio circle at 8 a.m. and a small circle time to transition into lunch at 11.30 a.m. We play games, practice mindful breathing, practice grace and courtesy lessons, read books, sing songs, have discussions, and more. In the afternoon, Mr. Tom leads an end-of-day circle whereupon he socratically discusses the learners’ experiences outdoors and their reflections from their play journal, which they write/draw in, post-Spark Playtime.  

With today’s post, we want to share reflections from a discussion we had during our morning circle time focused on the question, “What does it mean to be a part of a community?” The brief discussion included what a community means, what different communities look like, and that we are indeed part of so many communities. As the culmination of the discussion, the learners shared their answers to the anchor question. Please enjoy their responses: 

  • Samantha -“If people were hurt and wanted to go to the hospital, I can help.”
  • Grace- “Help mom, clean the house, my brother too. And help our neighbor to clean up her house with her so that the rats don’t come.”
  • Max- “Be kind to the little person so they don’t get sad and be nice to them. You can hurt your feelings if someone hits you. If the person doesn’t want to play, he can hit you and that’s not very nice”. 
  • Dezmond- “Being nice to my dad, because he is working really hard.”
  • Ruben- “Being nice around others.”
  • Anay- “Being kind around each other.” 
  • Colin- “Picking litter to be a good member of the Earth.”
  • Sawyer- “Ask if people need help.” 
  • Koa- “Ask if they were okay if they got hurt.”
  • Aero- “I will be nice to my sister.”
  • Ayla- “Being nice to people and helping them when they are sad.”
  • Saylor- “Being nice to everyone.”
  • Remy- “Picking trash from the ground to be a community member of the Earth.”
  • Zinnia- “Help when they are hurt.”
  • Abby- “Being nice to my mom because she has a lot of work, so help with the house and help with the chores list.”

These discussions from these sprouting minds will turn into larger discussions upon their foray into the Discovery Studio, and the world at large; as they evolve into the various roles they play and eventually become a part of the community-Earth.