Discovery Year 5. Session 4. Week 4.

This week in Discovery, learners continued working towards their goals in Work Cycle, creating board games in Quest and crafting poems in Writers’ Workshop! 


During Socratic Discussion, Heroes identified which part of their work cycle allows them to find the deepest flow; or as one learner described, “really gets me in the zone.” The Studio shared what flow feels like internally, with many relating to the experience of losing track of time while in deep flow. Finally, Discovery learners dug deep into the psychological and environmental factors that pull them out of flow. This conversation opened a healthy communication channel for the tribe to get clear on what they need from their Fellow Travelers during Work Cycle. 



The day has finally arrived! Mid-afternoon on Monday, Discovery game designers began imagining games for the Board Game Expo, taking place at the Session 4 Exhibition. Using knowledge gained from creating games of luck and games of skill, designers initiated the creative process of making their final product. Working in pairs, Heroes conceptualized each element of their games by completing the Game Designer Guide. This planning tool supported the Studio in deciding the layout of the board, the number of players, the age range of their target audience, the storyline or theme, the rules of play, and the objective! 



In week 4, Discovery Poets explored nursery rhymes. Using a classic Mother Goose collection for reference, learners were challenged to create a poem/song of their own in the style of a nursery rhyme. Writers found inspiration in animals, numbers, objects, places, and characters. During debriefs at the conclusion of Writers’ Workshop, Heroes bravely shared their writing and received peer reviews in the form of warm and cool feedback. 


Have a restful weekend, Discovery community!