Discovery Year 5. Session 4. Week 3.

Time is flying by in Discovery! Read below to find out just what themes Heroes are exploring at the halfway point of Session 4. 


Freedom Levels were in full effect during this week’s Work Cycle. As some Discovery learners ski along the green slope, many are trying out the blue slope, and a few members of the tribe challenge themselves by skiing blacks. The Freedom Levels System helps Heroes understand the consequences of their choices each day. The choices to work hard, help others, and lead our community will build strength of character and lead to joy through personal achievement. In a week where a learner displays great readiness for responsibility, they are, in turn, displaying readiness for true freedom. 


Can you build a 12-inch Lego structure in under 1 minute? How many animals that start with the letter “E” can you list in 30 seconds? These are the challenges Discovery game designers posed to their Fellow Travelers in Week 3 of Quest: Games of Skill! The prompt may seem simple, but the execution of a skills game is tougher than it looks. Designers rose to the occasion using their innovation, collaboration, and grit. 


Poets in Discovery took a deep dive into another writing style this week: diamante poems. This poetry style gets its name from its iconic diamond shape. Writers crafted poetry, gathering inspiration from the world around them. The Studio also developed their writing skills in identifying parts of speech and in adjusting the word count of each line to meet the specific requirements of diamante poetry. 

Even in the freezing weather, the flame of the tribe shone brightly in Discovery.