Year 4. Session 7. Week 5 Spark Update

The Spark learners took a trip to the land down under this week for their geography & culture study! Sparks were introduced to the Australian continent through a video of the Australian Outback and books that supported them in flag-making and research. Both studios had a group lesson on various herbs to make their teas- this week we had chamomile, rose petals, and the favorite: color-changing butterfly pea. Creating their own tea bags allows Sparks to choose what they’d like and further supports fine motor, olfactory and gustatory development.

For our Grace and Courtesy practice this week, both studios are conversing about keeping our spaces clean and healthy as sicknesses spread. The Sparks have been supported in this by having hand washing practices, and practicing “catching your cough”, or coughing into your arm.

We finished up this week with a sweet watermelon treat to continue supporting the Sparks in staying hydrated in this heat, and we can’t forget our weekly Friday Dance Party!  


Have a great weekend!