Year 3. Session 7. Week 4.

This week the tribe came together in curiosity to discuss the benefits of a diverse community. 

During Core Skills, the Eagles still could not stop raving about their new math program. Some chose to work independently to explore their new math world while others formed groups to cover more virtual ground.

Can you imagine a world where there are no books, no letters, no way to write down a grocery list? The Eagles considered such a world as they discussed the history of writing in Word World and Writers’ Workshop. As they reflected on their portfolio of written work throughout the year, the Eagles were asked to consider how they would convey their thoughts through time without written communication.

For Growing Curiosity this week, one of the Eagles led their tribe through a Game Design Quest. After performing some initial research, the Eagles began designing and building their own arcade games out of recycled materials. Once complete, they organized a showcase for the Eagles in the Spark Studio, played each game, and voted on their favorite. 

For Physical Development this week, the Eagle coaches had to make some last minute adjustments to their PD plans. They quickly organized themselves into groups to play various forms of tag and a few rounds of gaga ball. 

This week the Eagles added some red, white, and blue to their wardrobe. Stay tuned to see what theme they embrace for next week.