Year 1. Session 5. Week 2.

Week two kicked off with a visit from the Expedition School guides, launching the group into a discussion about the upcoming trip to Port Aransas at the end of the session! The Eagles will tackle Environmental Stewardship, Birding and Marine Science challenges over the course of the session to prepare for their final field challenges which will allow them to earn these coveted field badges.

To continue our tradition of inviting Heroes to our studio, Mrs. Mica May joined the the Eagles on Wednesday morning to share her own Hero’s Journey story with the group!  The Eagles were on the edge of their seats as she shared stories of how she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit making homemade perfumes at age 6, how she met her husband, started working in web design and ultimately translated those skills into starting her very own design business- May Designs!  She talked about up and downs, lessons learned and those special people who stood beside her as she navigated the challenges that would arise along the way.  We are so grateful to Mica for sharing her story to the studio as it was truly an inspiration to us all!

This week in Quest, the ocean explorers traveled to coral reefs!  These bio-diverse areas are home to more than 25% of all known marine fish species, yet more than half of them are threatened by human activity.  The Eagles uncovered more of what makes these places so special by crafting of their very own 3D coral reefs out of all kinds of materials.  They also learned about different types of symbiotic relationships (commensalism, mutualism and parasitism), discussion how relationships at home and in the studio can reflect those found in nature.  Their final topic for the week focused on a hero named Carl Linneaus who is known as “The Father of Modern Taxonomy.” Linneaus made it his life’s calling to systematize and organize all life on Earth, but was biological classification discovered or created?  The Eagles tackled this, and many other big questions throughout the week!

Writers’ Workshop this week focused on putting pencil to paper to start working on those first drafts!  Through the use of mentor texts, the learners discussed ways to weave science-based facts into their stories in interesting and engaging ways.  They took this newfound insight back to the mind maps and fact sheets they created in the first week in order to help develop their own stories!

Ms. Marina from Creative Action was back in the studio to take the learners on a journey through Process Drama.  They are working through a variety of group games to break down the different components of the craft, such as the significance of staying in character, continuing the story through “yes, and..” rather than “no, but..” language, and embracing the strange silliness that can arise while making the environment to feel as safe as possible to confidently express one’s self through dramatic performance.  It’s been a fun week and the magic is only just beginning!

This week wrapped up with a very important ceremony, as the three newest Eagles who have joined the studio over the past two sessions officially signed their name to the Studio Contract!  This contract was written by the Eagles as a set of promises to themselves and one another on how they will best support their growth within the studio.  The newest Eagles went through the contract line-by-line with the rest of the group over the course of several discussions, asking questions and diving deeper into any line that could use additional clarity.  They have fully embraced the Studio Contract and Discussion Rules of Engagement.  It’s wonderful to have these amazing new members as part of the community and we look forward to watch them as they embark on their own Hero’s Journey!