Year 1. Session 5. Week 1.

It’s hard to believe the fifth session of year one has arrived. The Discovery Eagles brought serious momentum and energy with them back to the studio from Session 4!  This session kicks off an aquatic adventure as the Eagles dive into Marine Science for Quest and create picture books for the “Adventures Under the Sea” compendium to be published at the end of Writers’ Workshop.  Creative Action has joined the studio for the session, guiding the Eagles through Process Drama as they become agents of change for the CIA (Courage in Action) during Art!  The travels through history continue in Civ, which will take the heroes West from Greece to the Americas before traveling back across the Atlantic to discover one of the greatest empires to ever exist!  And to ensure their physical muscles are not neglected during all of the mental flexing, the Eagles will be taking on various challenges with the Mega Ball, beginning with Monster Ball Soccer!

Writers’ Workshop

This Writers’ Workshop is focused on Science-based Fiction where the Eagles are tasked with creating a fictional story supported by interesting facts about the sea or life within the sea.  They will have the opportunity to create their own characters and settings- perhaps a voracious Vampire Squid or in the deepest, darkest depths of the Mariana Trench- but must include ten real facts to support their story.  The final product will take the form of a picture book which will live in the Ascent Academy library for years to come!  This week saw the Eagles begin their research, swimming through books and online resources to find a fascinating component on which to base their story.  They then compiled everything that popped in their heads onto Mind Maps, which will help consolidate their ideas moving forward. They then told one another what they uncovered in a Speed Sharing setting!


On Wednesday, the Eagles embarked on a journey as Earth Explorers for NASA to discover the many secrets and wonders of the ocean.  They’ll travel in teams from the shore, learning about currents, salinity, waves (tsunamis!) and the Coriolis Effect, before continuing their adventures through coral reefs, the depths of the ocean floor, and the open ocean itself. At the end of the end of the quest, they’ll dig into issues and challenges our oceans are facing in the present day.

Each team will travel together for two days per week completing challenges as they move along, but beginning next Friday (and each subsequent one) the Eagles will break off from their teams to conduct an Independent Deep Dive into the one question they find most fascinating about our oceans.

The culmination of the session will find the teams competing in an “Under the Sea Jeopardy” with the winning team representing the studio at the Exhibition of Learning for “Are You More Curious Than a Discovery Eagle?” This is your chance to begin brushing up on your Marine Science early if you dare to step-up and challenge the winning team during the Exhibition!


Alex Agent 11 and Marina Agent 89 from Creative Action The CIA joined the studio to take the Eagles on a trip through time to study the efforts and actions of heroes through history.  The Eagles explored what it was like to be in the shoes of Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai and others through powerful improv exercises.  They underwent an intense four-day crash course to become full-fledged agents of Courage in Action and everyone successfully completed the training!


The wet weather didn’t slow down these athletes as they battled the elements and one another in two intense games of Monster Ball Soccer!  Everyone had a blast while being encouraging and uplifting to both their teammates and opponents alike.  These young heroes sit together after each hard-fought game to praise each another for their efforts on the field.  They constantly inspire everyone around them!

Looking forward to a powerful session of learning!