Discovery Year 5. Session 4. Week 1.

Session 4 is here! Continue reading to see how Discovery Heroes kicked off a new year with new systems. 


The Work Cycle, like every part of the studio schedule, undergoes constant evolution. The greatest shift this session came through the badge plan. Montessori works are now incorporated into reading, language, and math badges. This shift is reflected in the freedom to float through the Work Cycle, meaning the freedom to choose how you spend your time, either in the Montessori area or in software programs. Feedback, reflection, and observation were key ingredients in making the change to an integrated Work Cycle. This is one of many opportunities for Discoverers to take greater ownership of their learning, their work, and their time. 



This week, Heroes launched the first Writers’ Workshop of the year! Throughout the session, the Studio will focus on poems, taking a deep dive into many forms of poetry; ultimately creating a collection of their excellent writing. Writers will display their collections at the Exhibition of Learning! 


The Studio was bursting with excitement for Game Design Quest. In their first challenge, learners re-designed classic arcade games. In the weeks to come, Discoverers will work in pairs to create games of luck and games of skill. Culminating in the invention of their very own board game!


Learners bravely created new systems and adapted existing ones. Every session in Discovery kicks off with an election. As an act of self-governance, the Studio votes on Town Council, Hero Buck Council, Lunch Hosts, Squad Leaders, and a timekeeper to keep the community on schedule. Members of these committees dedicate additional time, energy, and leadership to building the tribe and maintaining a civil society. Beyond these Systems of Accountability, learners also began re-imagining their Rules of Engagement to elevate and cultivate Socratic Discussion. 

Change is a constant in a learner-driven environment. In Week 1, Heroes called upon their courage, adaptability, and inventiveness to face each change together.