Discovery Year 5. Session 3. Week 1.

Discovery learners launched into Session 3 with energy and autonomy. Take a peek into this session’s Quest and the evolution of Work and Play Cycles!


Cartography Quest presents the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe through your imagination. Learners gain valuable map-making skills through mini-challenges called Voyages. Heroes will also dive deeply into cultural narratives by creating a world fact book. Discoverers completed a campus scavenger hunt using longitude and latitude to find the first clue to their final destination. This week, the Studio heard famous folktales from North and South America. 


Discoverers were eager to resume their Outdoor Play journey in the new session. This week, the Studio witnessed a powerful conflict resolution between two groups of learners building and playing near one another. Outdoor Play is a time in the day when learners gain excellent tools for the skill of self-governance. While creating, building, and exploring, conflict is natural. When it does occur, each individual in the studio has a choice: Will I be a peacemaker or a problem-solver?



Learners calmed their brains and bodies to find flow this week. At times, flow was lost. Through digging deeper into the ideas of distraction, resistance, and victimhood, Discoverers processed the experience of losing flow. These moments of recalibration were supported by the weekly reflection question completed during SMART goals-setting. The question prompted exploration into what learners will start, stop, and continue doing in the Work Cycle. 


Week 1 empowered and equipped Heroes in a multitude of ways. Discoverers have shown bravery in blazing new trails and agency in holding the systems of studio life in their own hands.