Discovery Year 5. Session 2. Week 5.

To quote one learner on their Week 5 experience, “It feels like freedom.” After a session of great challenges and great responsibility, Discovery Heroes celebrated their journey with an Exhibition of Learning, a Work Cycle reflection, and a Badge Ceremony. 


E-Ship Quest came to a powerful culmination at the Trade Show. Family and community members gathered to hear product pitches from young entrepreneurs. Prototypes, market research, and idea funnels were on display to offer a glimpse into the creative process. Heroes competed to earn votes from potential customers while receiving feedback relevant to improving their business. This element of the Exhibition served as a showcase of the unique ideas and excellent work created in Quest. Beyond that, it equips each learner with the skills necessary for success at the Ascent Children’s Business Fair! (See you on Saturday, December 2nd!) 


This element of the Exhibition of Learning brought joyful insight into the Montessori Work Cycle. Throughout the week, learners focused on the “T” in SMART goals which stands for tough.  In preparation for the Work with Me Exhibition, Discoverers entered their Montessori Work Cycle and selected the materials that challenge them most, taking them furthest from their comfort zone; the place where growth can happen. 


The weather was changeable but Heroes stayed true to their mission: play! This week, loose parts were traded for the simple magic of nature and imagination. Observations characterize Outdoor Play as a time of creativity and cooperation. On Wednesday, Discoverers truly tested their limits in P.D. Each learner set a benchmark in sprints, sit-ups, and push-ups. Stay tuned to see if they surpass these limits! 

The Studio discovered rich learning in moments of failure and found triumph in moments of success. We have grace and gratitude for the lessons learned in Session 2. We can’t wait to see what’s next!