Year 3. Session 1. Week 2.

With one week under their belts, the Eagles continued to build their tribe and explore all the aspects of their new space. They discussed challenges facing the tribe and voted on solutions in their first Town Hall of the year!

The Eagles continued to support their Squads through their Tech Tools Challenge to receive their technology privileges and move into their Core Skills.

The Eagles began the process of making promises to one another in the form of writing their studio contract. They continued to strengthen their tribe through team building activities and challenges. One challenge asked them to work with their squad to build a cup tower…without using their hands.

The Eagles launched into Quest and Writers’ Workshop this week! The Eagles went on a SOLE (self-organized learning environment) to find the answer to the he question, “What is Poetry?” They explored metaphors, personification, and so much more as they began writing their own acrostic poems. In Chess Quest, they began learning the different rules and movements of the pieces before getting into flow with their own chess matches!

The Eagles launched their first PD (Physical Development) with a scavenger hunt where they got to know their Squad members better through discussions and movements.

Next week, the group will be introduced to a system specific to Core Skills. Additionally, Field Badges make their debut. Stay tuned!