Year 3. Session 1. Week 1.

New group. New space. New year! Learners were welcomed back to campus this week and began working together through various challenges to build their new tribe!

The Eagles developed Squad identities (small support groups of three members) through small team building challenges, promises to one another in the form of squad contracts and by working through the Tech Tools Challenge to receive their technology privileges.

The larger tribe strengthened relationships through studio-wide team building activities, lunch, free time, socratic discussions and creating an entry for the annual, network-wide Lip Dub Challenge! The 5th years led the charge to organize the challenge, lead the group through reflection and feedback, and will be working this upcoming week to edit and dub the final product. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a glimpse at all of the hard work these heroes have been putting in!

Heading into Week 2, the group will continue to be introduced to new systems and tools that will help them navigate a learner-driven studio. This session’s Quest and Writers’ Workshop will be launching as well. Stay tuned!