Year 2. Session 6. Week 1.

With the changing of the seasons bring changes to the Discovery Studio as well! Perhaps the biggest change for the Eagles revolves around the start to their day. In previous sessions, the Eagles would launch each day with a socratic discussion before diving into their daily schedule. This session however, the Eagles have a choice how to spend the first hour of their day. They may choose to work with their hands working on campus beautification and other outdoor projects or they can choose to spend their time working silently inside on their Core Skills programs.
There has been excitement surrounding both options with many Eagles choosing to get their hands dirty each morning while others have been making the most out of the quiet work environment to progress towards earning their badges!

One thing that is benefitting from all of the outdoor work in the morning is this session’s Quest! In Community Garden Quest, the Eagles are digging deep into plant life, from the cellular level to how they’re affected by outside forces, in order to grow their knowledge base so they can plan, build, plant and maintain two new gardens on campus.

Using part of the scientific method, each seed team will design experiments to test photosynthesis, capillary action, and soil composition among other topic areas. Take a look below at some of the work from week one:

Another big change is the introduction of Word World!  While the more experienced Eagles work through Writers’ Workshop (Biographies), our emergent readers and writers will be building their reading and writing foundations through a variety of activities such as storytelling with Play-doh, Describe-a-Scene, word puzzles and more!

The Eagles participating in Writers’ Workshop will be researching and writing a biography on a hero of their choosing, but perhaps most exciting is how they will be showcasing their work as this will be the focus of their exhibition. In addition to writing their biography, each Eagle will be dressing up as their hero and answering questions about their Hero’s Journey from exhibition guests! They will also be creating a tri-fold “Hero Board” showcasing the accomplishments, challenges and lives of those they study.