Year 2. Session 4. Weeks 1 & 2.

The Discovery Eagles are back in action after a restful Winter Break! Session 4 is packed with a new Quest, Writers’ Workshop, the introduction of Civilization and Process Drama, all while bringing the focus of the studio back to Excellence. 

Quest and Writers’ Workshop are working in tandem this session with the focus on developing the skills of a successful entrepreneur. During this E-Ship Quest, the Eagles will navigate through an entrepreneurial archipelago game board, making stops at Motivation Island, Market Island, Unit Economics Island, Hiring Island, Competition and Substitute Island, and Image Island. While in Writers’ Workshop, they’ll be learning what it takes to craft and deliver the perfect pitch to potential investors. This Session’s exhibition will be a virtual trade show featuring the Discovery Studio entrepreneurs as they pitch their idea in preparations for the upcoming Children’s Business Fairs throughout the year!