Year 2. Session 1. Week 4

This week the Eagles continued their hard work on Game Design Quest! Play testing each other’s games, Eagle practiced giving critiques and working together to strive for excellence. Those who finished their board games moved on to this quest’s bonus challenge: designing video games. Next week the Eagles gear up for their Game Expo at the Exhibition! 

Outdoor Core Skills has been lovely because of the weather, but it also poses new challenges related to focus. Eagles reflected this week that focusing outside is a new skill they need to work on developing. As a group, they discussed the problem and then came up with two solutions: have everyone work in the same general area so they can hold each other accountable (the deck!) and to try a new focus technique introduced in group: The Pomodoro Technique!

Breaks this week included the reintroduction of Gaga ball! The entire studio played together throughout the week! 

The wonderful Ms. Bonnie from the Spark studio has been leading yoga once a week for the Discovery learners and they have loved it! This week, she spent some time sharing her Hero’s Journey with them and preparing them to continue their practice! 

In Writer’s Workshop this week, the young poets continued their work by completing their free verse poems and odes! Odes so far include: an ode to house cats, an ode to sushi, and an ode to a little sister. Eagles began the process of peer reviews of their work as well. After completing the editing process next week, Eagles will perform their favorite poem at the Session 1 Exhibition. 

In Session 1, many processes/concepts are introduced. Two that were introduced this week include the Decision Chain, which involves weighing pros and cons, and the Four Cornerstones of Speaking: Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity, and Love. For the latter, Eagles watched part of this TED Talk and discussed what the community does well, where the community needs work, and what type of communication they would like to see from each other going forward. 

On to our final week of the session!