Year 1. Session 5. Week 6.

A Letter From The Co-Founders

Dear Everyone,

Wow. Just wow.

As we take a moment to reflect on this week, all that comes up are humbling thoughts.

The pandemic spread of the coronavirus led us to make the tough decision to move to Distance Learning beginning this week. We knew this would be tough on parents and tough on the children. We knew that this change would make evident some great challenges. But, we also knew that the community of heroes we have would seize the opportunities. We didn’t know how easily or quickly we would collectively see light in a dark time.

This week, Ascent learners DIDN’T SKIP A BEAT as they transitioned to Distance Learning. Virtual Socratic discussions were attended by almost all the learners! We keep getting photos of Discoverers at home, finding new ways to co-work alongside their parents. And, our robust Learning Design has held strong.

This is all credit to the incredible community of learners, both older and younger, who have embraced our ‘new (hopefully very temporary) reality.’ Thank you, Ascent Heroes, for stepping up and demonstrating to yourselves, and to the world, that you have chosen the tougher path of education, preparing yourself for the 21st century in more ways than expected. Thank you, parents, for your unwavering support of our shared principles and mission.

Enjoy some photos of our ‘current reality’ below.



Here are some pictures submitted by Eagles of their PD (Physical Development) Challenges at home! Eagles were given many activities to choose from and were challenged to include their families! #familyfitness

Working hard during Quest Time! Eagles continued their work as Marine Scientists by exploring food webs and continuing their Independent Deep Dives.

Ascent learners continued their Core Skills work this week, resulting in 13 badges being awarded on Friday afternoon!

A clip from Friday’s Badge Ceremony.