Year 2. Session 5. Weeks 4 & 5.

Each day, the Ascent Eagles navigate the various challenges that face them as individuals and as a tribe. The ability these young heroes possess to reflect together openly and honestly shows their desire to continue raising the bar for what a world-class, learner driven school looks like.

The morning after one of these reflections, the Eagles were left with an inspiring message from the guides to showcase their growth as a tribe and how successful they can be with the support of one another. Before the Eagles arrived, the guides relocated to the Silent Study to watch what would unfold over the studio cameras. This group never fails to impress but it was truly incredible to watch them navigate their morning on their own!

A few of our observations included:

  • The level of attention and respect for one another taking off to another level.
  • Leaders stepping up to help get the group into flow and other learners listening with intent and kindness.
  • A smooth, timely transition from Math Lab to D.E.A.R.

But our observations weren’t even needed! Here’s what the Eagles had to say when the guides re-entered the studio to reflect before PD and Civilization:

  • “I feel like we had more participation in the discussion because it felt like everyone was talking to one another instead of to the guide.”
  • “Everyone was focused on their work and looking to fellow travelers for help.”
  • “People were following the guardrails more than usual.”
  • “The energy felt right and not too chaotic.”

The list goes on and on but it’s incredible to witness the capabilities of these heroes!

Enjoy some glimpses of the magic happening in the studio during Writers’ Workshop (Bedtime Stories), Quest (Edison’s Lab) and Game Time!