Year 1. Session 7. Week 1

Week 1 of Session 7 also marks nine weeks of Distance Learning. During our Town Hall Meeting this week, after sharing some struggles and ways to improve our community, a learner shared that she is struggling to continue working and being engaged from a distance. Her fellow travelers shared the following inspiration and wisdom. We transcribed it word-for-word:

“I felt the same way when this happened but how I persevered though it was just to keep working hard. I felt like as I worked hard, I just got used to it. It’s super simple, you just put your mind to it. My parents always tell me, “If you put your mind to something you can do it.” Whatever you put your mind to, like doing a hard goal, you can probably finish…. Something I did was I put my mind to it, I set hard goals, and those hard goals really made me get my mind off of all of the struggle I had in the past and with what was happening now. I got my mind off of it, and it made me learn more.”

“I noticed when you were sharing that you said, “I can’t do it, it’s too hard.” If you have a growth mindset about it, and put your mind to it, those two things can really help… Even if you don’t do that many cranes, or you don’t get your goal in Core Skills, you should still try instead of saying that it’s too hard. You have to try and have a Growth Mindset, because those two can make you be a lot stronger with what you do.”

“Not everyday is going to be great, you’re not going to wake up and have the best day every single day. There are going to be kind of bad days, too. You can try to change that by working hard or trying to get a goal, even if you don’t make it. It’s hard to consider it a bad day if you do something right. It’s important to just keep trying, and know that it might not be the best day ever, but you can still try.” 

There is inspiration everywhere at Ascent Academy, from the oldest Eagles launching a powerful and empowering Growing Curiosity Quest (Cooking Edition!) for their fellow travelers, to the tribe of learners coming together to make a senbazuru for their community. Session 7 will be full of celebration and reflection as we close our inaugural year at Ascent Academy.