The Story of Discovery

As we begin a new session equipped with all of the systems, goals, and accomplishments of Mission Discovery Launch, we come back to the question of the year, How Does a Hero Connect? Discovery learners have been making connections between themselves and those who lived 40,000 years ago in the start of Civilization. Like the first people on Earth, we all create, tell stories, and have core values and beliefs. The Heroes in Discovery created their own “cave painting” to tell the story of their community, that now covers the kitchen wall. They even made their own paint with natural materials in order to create their cave painting. Connections are being made between themselves and nature through campus care and art, where they are caring for campus outside of our studio walls. This session, Heroes have the opportunity to build the community they wish to see, through actions and systems, but also through their Architecture Quest in which groups of 2 will create their ideal Acton Academy Campus. There are more connections to me made, questions to discover, and models to be build over the course of session 2.