Spark Insight Journal – Page 19 – Peek into Spark Play

To gain insight and a peek into what Spark Play looks like, we’d like to revisit a two-part blog post we published on the flow and rhythm of this element of the learners’ day (everything remains the same this year, save the timings). You can read it here and here. We overheard a learner exclaim to his parents during the morning drop-off a few days back, “This is not a playground, this is Spark Play!” We get that! This is a sacred part of their day.
For today, we leave you with this beautiful quote on play and pictures. 


This kind of play (loose parts play) is complex, pleasurable, self-motivated, imaginative, spontaneous, creative, and happily free of adult-imposed goals and outcomes. Children determine and control the content of this play, following their own instincts, ideas, and interests. 

 -Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky

Loose Parts